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Bryant Roberto Lopez

Bryant grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he was raised in the Argentine folk music and dance tradition. At the age of 19 he immersed himself in Tango. His dancing is distinguished by the elegant walk and soft embrace that he believes is the stamp of a true Argentine Tango dancer.

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Bulent Karabagli and Lina Chan

Bulent and Lina are a new generation of multiple-style Tango dancers with strong roots in traditional Argentine tango. With 20 years experience teaching, they stress the importance of the structural foundation, good connection, musicality and techniques. They emphasize the ability of leaders and followers to improvise, create and explore, and develop their own style.

Elizabeth Sadowska

Fully certified with the CDTA and founder of Rhythm and Motion - the only professional dance studio in the city that offers a structured and progressive Argentine Tango program consisting of six levels. She is also the organizer of the biggest and very successful tango event in town - Toronto Tango Festival.

Fabian and Roxana Belmonte

Natives from Buenos Aires they have performed and taught internationally since 1980’s, thrilling audiences
in venues ranging from “Luna Park”in Buenos Aires, “Roy Thompson Hall” in Toronto to the "Royal Theatre Carré" in Amsterdam or "Shiba Mel-Park Hall" in Tokyo.

Junko Mori and Rene Torres

Great representatives of the new generation Tango dancers from Buenos Aires, Rene and Yunko have impacted the audience with their impeccable original style, while paying great respect to the great Maestros of traditional Tango Argentino.

Linda Walsh

Linda teaches Argentine tango at the Joy of Dance Centre, hosts the weekly Palermo Tango Club milonga, contributes articles to dance magazines, and is a tango DJ. Linda’s approach to teaching is based on a natural, stress free progression and the development of musicality.

Lucas Carrizo and Paula Tejeda

Paula and Lucas were crowned as Champions in
Tango category in the 2010 Metropolitan Tango Championship, and placed as runners up in the Vals category. They were also part of the brilliant Miguel Angel Zotto tango production -TangoX2- with many show in Europe. Presently they have performed and conducted seminars in United States, Korea, Hong Kong and many cities of China.

Melina Martinez Andretto

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she started dancing tango at the age of 16. Melina gained an extensive knowledge of tango, through classes with world renowned Tango dancers. She relocated to Toronto in 2014, and has joined and admires the passion of the tango community here. She has taught and performed in the Toronto area, and created her own “La Calesita” Tango Workshops.

Pablito Greco

Аn international tango performer and tutor, with bases in Europe and North America. His established unique method Xtango is being instructed worldwide. Greco created the first multimedia book in tango culture's history Tango FAQs & Facts, which became a best seller in 2014. He is also an entrepreneur and investor, in wellness and tech industry.

Ruben Bustamante

Ruben is highly respected dancer, choreographer and percussionist. He came to Canada from Argentina in 1989 as a folk dancer with a musical called A Rose for Mr. Tango, which ran for six months at the Music Hall Theatre on the Danforth. He's been in Toronto ever since, teaching and dancing up an Argentine storm!

Sandra Maria Rocha

Born and raised in Argentina, Sandra studied dance
with the Prima Ballerina Ethel Lynch of "Teatro Colon". Sandra has performed in numerous productions with
Los Milongueros Argentinian Cultural Association and is involved in organizing milongas in Toronto. Sandra is teaching tango movements and techniques.